Professionalism in the Community Pharmacy Setting


Pharmacists have traditionally been held in high esteem by the public, ranking prominently in polls for trust, ethics, and honesty. As health care providers, pharmacists certainly should be held to high standards of practice in the care of patients. This level of professionalism is increasingly important as the health care system and needs of society continue to evolve. The clinical pharmacy movement, which gained momentum in the 1970s, continues to grow and expand. Many pharmacists and practices have embraced and implemented pharmaceutical care and medication therapy management to make a significant difference in patients' lives. True professionals serve their patients with the patient's best interests in mind: They maintain their intellectual competence to make the best clinical, evidence-based decisions for their patients, and they accept responsibility for these decisions. State and national pharmacy associations frequently report about their individual member pharmacists who are improving health in their communities and making their profession proud. Continue Reading >

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